Briefcase Type

Generally a briefcase for men there is 6 types. The first is a briefcase, with a rectangular model with a top handle for easy carrying Sort of a small suitcase containing important documents. Then there is a messenger bag with a model similar to briefcases but how to carry it is thrown on the shoulder. Unlike the briefcase that looks classic, messenger bag looks more casual and youthful. The favorite and liked by many men is a backpack, aka backpack. Do not bother when moving, or have to run when it must catch a bus for example.

If you have to carry a gadget like a notebook complete with charger, or tablet, the most appropriate choice is a tech bag, each model has its own capacity, according to your needs. The last one is a duffel bag. This one handbag fits best on weekends or other days if you have a plan to exercise after work. With this duffel bag, you do not need to carry two types of bags. Just one bag to load your documents and your dressing clothes after the office dispersal later. You can find the best briefcase on