Avoid Stress and Enough Rest

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases that we must avoid and prevent. To identify a person affected by diabetes or not, there are some symptoms that can trigger the diabete disease. Some of them are frequent urination, frequent thirst, weight loss, fatigue, and when injured although small but will be difficult to recover because of lack of white blood cells. To prevent diabetes there are many ways that can be done, such as by eating SoMan containing natural ingredients of diabetes prevention and it has been proven, biz.kompas.com/read/2017/05/29/090653328/obat.herbal.pendampingpengobatan .diabetes.

The stress that often haunts us can increase the risk of diabetes. Therefore avoid stress with various actions such as exercise and breathing exercises. Having enough rest for at least six hours each day can also prevent us from the dangers of diabetes. Lack of sleep can cause blood sugar imbalance, for that reduce the habit of staying up and resting normally. Drinks that contain lots of sugar can increase your risk of diabetes. For that less the type of beverage that contains a lot of artificial sweeteners and switches to a non-cholesterol sweetener. Eating nutritious foods such as vegetables is also very important for us to avoid diabetes.