Differences between Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Server

Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Servers do have similar names. No wonder, many people think that both of them are actually the same thing. However, do you know that Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated Server have a different understanding?

In short, a shared hosting is a type of hosting service that resides on one server and the resource is shared with other hosting users. Thus, a dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service that is shaped like server virtualization, which allows customers to rent more server sections even the entire full server can be occupied by the customer’s website. So, the resources obtained will certainly be more than if just using shared hosting.

Actually, the dedicated hosting service is the same as the VPS, only when using VPS, customers have to manage their own virtual server, therefore the price is cheaper. Meanwhile, on dedicated hosting, customers are not bothered anymore with the affairs of virtual server manage, because manage virtual server already done by the hosting provider.

That said, dedicated hosting is a premium hosting service, where the customer just stay focused on the business, because for the affairs of managing the virtual server. So, what is the difference with Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is actually more directed to the physical server. For example, you can take a look at some of the dedicated servers by checking out servidores dedicados en mexico. So customers can hire one physical server as a whole. No wonder when buying a dedicated server, customers will be treated to physical server specifications, such as the type until the brand processor used.

With more flexibility, of course, managing the Dedicated Server is also no less bothered. Not only manage virtual server just like VPS and Dedicated Hosting. Using Dedicated Server also means managing the physical server. So, you might need to prepare more time and energy. Other than that, the cost is not that affordable if you decide to choose Dedicated Server. However, all of those will be able to be paid off by the result from using this kind of service.