Important Points In Mobile Payment Readiness

Mobile payment technology began to be discussed warmly, especially with the presence of Android that does support NFC (Near Field Communication) on their Gingerbread OS series. Information NFC and mobile payment have become a topic that is quite sexy, many people are optimistic this technology can replace the function of your wallet. But wait, this mobile payment technology seems to need a few more years before it can be used in bulk. Add to this the fact that ISIS, one of the leading platforms for mobile payments to rethink this mobile payment development plan. According to them the concept and future of mobile payment do not look bright in the mobile world. In 소액 결제 현금화, there is an adoption role from retailers is critical to the success of NFC operations. ISIS finds out that retailers do not think about how big a payment/credit card company is. So it does not matter to them what kind of concept, as long as their products are easier to buy people, most of them will want to cooperate.

The problem is for payment service providers or in this case mobile payment companies, not just preparing technology alone, but also must set up a target merchant that can attract the attention of the masses. So this mobile payment product will be used en masse. Retailers themselves are the main points of these three points to make a mobile payment concept work. Because without products from retailers, mobile payment companies cannot sell “something” that can “attract” the masses using their products. Unfortunately, if we look at the technology and the concept of mobile payment, it will be difficult to determine the standard usage of mobile payment. Just imagine if there will be much different software, tools, and mobile phones different from each mobile payment company. Not to mention the purchase of equipment and installations that will cost not less, will make retailers think twice to apply the concept of mobile payment in the products they sell. Mobile payment is too risky and the value of ROI (return on investment) is also not well predicted for retailers.

Currently, we can see almost every telecommunications operator is ready with their mobile payment products respectively, which incidentally uses a pulse cut system. The problem in the use of mobile payment, of course, we will use the services of their telecommunications network. Are they willing to sacrifice their “mobile payment” version that is very profitable to be exchanged for NFC-based mobile payment and credit card concept?