Big Changes Done By Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut made massive changes to boost sales that have continued to fall in the past two years. The world’s largest networked pizza house will overhaul most of its menu. Pizza Hut will focus on a dozen new menus to change their faces. This is the biggest change in the 56-year-old pizza house. Pizza Hut will feature 11 new menus, 10 new crusts, six new sauces and five new toppings. In fact, Pizza Hut also changed the shape of pizza boxes. In addition to making major changes to the menu, Pizza Hut also appointed a new CEO, David Gibbs. Are these Pizza Hut changes able to save their brand in the market? Do you want to enjoy Pizza with a menu that has affordable prices? Please come when Pizza Hut has a Pizza Hut Specials moment because then you can get a menu that you can get with a cheap and affordable price.

Pizza Hut made massive changes too quickly. Apparently, Pizza Hut has lost its touch to consumers so want to change everything in no time. Pizza Hut will also be campaigning to promote this change, The Flavor of Now.