Tips on Choosing Earrings Based on Face Shape

Believe it or not, earrings can give different appearance changes when applied daily. To give the impression of glamour, you can choose a large-sized earring and with bling-bling design, while for casual, you can choose the material and simple design. If you love gothic themed accessories, you can visit earrings.

In addition to matching mix match with the activities, you should also know to choose the earrings that fit in accordance with the shape of your face. If the earrings are selected less appropriate, it will give a less beautiful impression on the face. Where are the appropriate and beautiful earrings to your face shape? Here are the tips.

– Round face

Choosing earrings for round face, of course, must be guided disguise the shape of the face and give the impression of more slender. The trick is to choose a long earring and square or triangular shape, you can also choose the abstract earrings. The important thing is this earring should give the impression of a long face. It is not recommended for you who are round-faced to choose round earrings, as this will make your face look fuller. And that needs to be observed again, the size of the earrings also should not be too large so as to compete with the face. Choose only medium size.

– Oval face

You who have an oval face are usually between the forehead and chin of the same width. Get around this face shape, you should be able to make the face look fuller and fuller. You may choose earrings that are round and full of content or a crowded design. The point is to help the face look more contained and not too long.

– The face of the heart

The so-called heart-shaped face is a tapering chin. Earrings suitable for this face shape are round earrings or triangular earrings. Both earrings will help disguise the firmness of the chin, so the face becomes more balanced. Avoid earrings with a pointed tip so it does not exactly reinforce the shape of your face.

– Square face

Have a square face generally have a hard jaw and firm as well. Get around the shape of this face you better choose the earrings with a curve or round shape. Its function is to disguise the line firmly and soften the jaw to appear calmer. Avoid earrings with sharp designs such as square or triangle, which will make your jaws look clearer and harder.