Tips Make Water Swimming Pool Stay Clear

The cleanliness of a swimming pool should be taken care of and need to be maintained, this is because a clean swimming pool greatly affects the health of the owners and users of the swimming pool. For those of you who are looking for cameron park pool cleaning, you can visit our website and get the best pool cleaner you can find.

In taking care of the swimming pool of course there are many tips to keep the pool to stay clean, stay healthy and the water remains clear of course. These tips you can practice to keep the pool to stay healthy and clean. Here are tips you can use:

– Inhibits the growth of algae or moss

Inhibiting the growth of algae or mosses is a lot of factors to note, ie we must know the levels of PH and Clorin contained in the pool water. This is because the number of ph or chlorine that does not fit the size will cause various impacts on the user pool. These effects may, among other things, irritate the skin, eyes, or other organs of the pool user and also allow the moss or algae to breed which causes the pond water to become green.

This requires the owner of the pool to routinely check the levels of PH. If the water PH has exceeded the limit then to raise the level of Clorin should be added chlorine that dose according to the rules. Physically chlorine there are 4 kinds of liquid, powder, granules and solid (tablets & sticks) with different levels of different and come from several countries namely Indonesia, China, Belgium, and America.

– Filtering impurities in water

Dirt on the pool is very diverse, so the need for a swimming pool cleaning of the dirt. This method can be done by filtering out dirt in the pool water, or by draining the pool but to drain the pool needs a lot of time and energy so less efficient for you who have their own busyness. Currently already sold many water filters that can be installed on the pool which is accompanied by a circulation pump but needs to be adjusted for the size of the pool you have.